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Athletic Director (7-12)

Athletic Director (7-12)
Dishchiibikoh High School, Cibecue, AZ
The Athletic Director is responsible for the operations, administration, and performance of all the teams
at Dishchii’bikoh High School and Jr. High School. The athletic director duties include:
 Administer guidance for sports programming
 Confer with coaches to establish games, events and practices schedules
 Work with coaches to determine travel arrangements
 Establish conference and league schedules
 Select, recruit, and oversee coaching staff
 Maintain orderly, clean, and safe facilities and equipment
 Generate and file team statistics
 Comply with school, AIA, CJHL, and other associations rules
 Discuss student eligibility with school administrators
 Develop and regulate the budget and appropriate spending for equipment, facilities, salaries, and
RefPay, and more
 Conference attendance and ongoing professional development (are necessary)
Reports to Secondary School Principal
 Must hold a Bachelor’s degree in education, sports management, health, physical education, or
other related fields.
 Must have five years of athletic, coaching, and teaching experience
 Knowledge of fundraising and promotional events
 Strong Interpersonal communication skills
 Ability to manage relationships with coaches, school administrators, and the public
Contact Faith Bonito
Phone: (928) 332-2444
Fax: (928) 332-2341
PO Box 80068, Cibecue, AZ 85911