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What is it like in Cibecue?

Cibecue is a rural community in the Southwest USA.  The terrain is moderately hilly with a lot of trees and shrubs and high mountain desert plant and animal life.  It is approximately 50 miles from Show Low, Globe, and Whiteriver - the nearest commercial centers in the area

The School is located on the White Mountain Apache Reservation.  Because of this, there are restrictions as to who may live on these lands.  Most staff who are not enrolled members of the tribe live in Show Low, Arizona and commute.  The School does provide transportation shuttles to/from Show Low and Whiteriver.  Limited campus housing is available. 

The region enjoys fairly mild weather - warm summers although not as hot as “the Valley” (Phoenix), with moderate rain and snowfall.  Winters are definitely cold, with the possibility of below zero weather.  Propane, electric and wood heat are commonly used.  In the summer most use swamp coolers due to the semi-arid climate.

The community of Cibecue itself is small, consisting mostly of single family dwellings and small family owned farms or ranches.  There is a Commercial Center with a small grocery store, deli, post office, and gas station, as well as a convenience store.  There is an IHS Clinic, Headstart, Tribal Offices, Housing Authority office, Ambulance & Fire Station, and a few churches of various denominations.

Telephone, Internet, Television, Cellular?

  • Frontier Communications is the primary provider for Telephone and DSL Internet services. Satellite internet *may* be available - check with your provider.  Our zip code is 85911.
  • Dish Network and Directv are the primary providers for satellite television.  We do not have local cable type services.
  • CellularOne is the primary provider for cellphone services. Most other providers do not get reception in the area, although it is reported that AT&T may also work, Verizon does not


Emergency & Medical Services?

The Community has full service EMTs on duty and an ambulance facility stationed in town.  The School has a nurse on staff.

The nearest hospitals are located in Whiteriver and Show Low, each approximately 50 miles away.

A local clinic run by IHS (Indian Health Services) serves the Native American population.  Non-tribal members must go to Show Low for health providers.  The nearest metropolis is Phoenix, approximate 3 hours south.

Shopping?  Lodging?

Where do we shop?  This is a common question!  Our local stores carry basics.  Show Low and Whiteriver are the nearest commercial centers.  In Show Low you can find Walmart, Kmart, Safeway, Hardware stores and all sorts of small businesses.

UPS, FedEx and the US Postal Service all deliver to Cibecue and the surrounding communities.

The nearest Lodging is in Show Low.  Visit the Show Low Chamber of Commerce for more information.

Airport and Public Transportation?

Show Low Regional Airport

Sky Harbor International Airport - Phoenix