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Elementary Teacher

Elementary Teacher
Dishchii'bikoh Elementary School, Cibecue, Az
An elementary classroom teacher is responsible for all aspects of teaching an elementary classroom, including: preparation of instruction, delivery of instruction, assessment of students, supervision of students, communication with colleagues and parents, record keeping (such as grades and attendance), and other responsibilities related to teaching an elementary classroom. An elementary classroom teacher also attends professional development as required, attends parent and teacher conferences and other events that may occur during school hours or after school hours. The elementary teacher may be assigned duties as required to serve the students and/or the school.
Medical and Life Insurance coverage employee and dependents.
Dental Insurance coverage employee and dependents.
Vision Insurance coverage employee and dependents.
403(b) Tax Deferred Annuity (TSA) employer contribution.
Employee scholarship benefits up to $2,000 per semester.
Paid Holidays
Paid Personal Time Off PTO (80 hrs) per school year.
The employer will buyback the unused PTO.
Affordable teachers’ housing (if available)
This position requires Arizona Department of Education Elementary Certification. Three (3 years) teaching experience is preferred. We are looking for teacher/s who is highly motivated and with excellent classroom management. The applicant/s must be able to pass both state and federal finger print clearance as well as provide a police report (RAP sheet) for the last five years from the place of residence. If an applicant is not a US citizen or a US permanent resident, the applicant should submit a proof of work authorization or legal status to work in the US.

Daily duties require teachers to be comfortable working with computers, peripheral devices, and have proficient internet navigation skills for online student information systems and communication across the school network.
Contact Presdena Cheney
Phone: (928) 332-2444
Fax: (928) 332-2341
PO Box 80068, Cibecue, AZ 85911