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Special Education Paraprofessional

Special Education Paraprofessional
SPED Department
Job Description:
The paraprofessional is responsible for assisting teacher(s) in working with students.
Duties of this position include but are not limited to;
• The paraprofessional is responsible in assisting teacher(s) to meet the needs of the students.
• The paraprofessional will perform the duties and assignments in the self-contained classroom, resource room, or regular/inclusion classroom as assigned by the supervising teacher/s.
• Assist teacher(s) in planning, developing, and monitoring of instructional lessons and activities and in preparation of supplies and materials needed for lessons.
• Assist students with special projects
• Monitor students’ behavior at all times in the classroom, playground, cafeteria, special, bus and other jurisdictions on campus.
• Supervise the students during lunch, special subjects and while they are on the school grounds, field trips, and other school activities.
• Maintain files and records for teacher(s).
• Prepare and submit students’ service logs.
• Perform health aid and self-care needs as required for individual students ( such as changing diaper, feeding, toilet training, lifting, positioning, and other related duties)
• Assist individual students with mobility within the school campus
• Perform bus monitor as needed, to supervise special education students in transporting to and from school.
• Perform clerical functions as needed.
• The paraprofessional is responsible in maintaining and updating the required clearances (finger prints, RAP sheets etc.) and certification according to NCLB regulations for Highly Qualified Paraprofessionals.
• The paraprofessional will abide by the Employee Handbook approved by the Cibecue Community School Board Inc.
• Performing other duties as assigned by the supervisor.
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