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Dishchii'bikoh Community School, Cibecue, Arizona
The purpose of this Coordinated Early Intervening Services is to provide early intervention, identify areas of need and provide intense support to bring the student to proficiency to reduce the of identification of students into special education. The purpose is to assist students who are not currently identified as needing special education and related services but who need additional academic and behavioral support to succeed in a general education environment.

The focus will be intensive interventions and Response to Intervention (RtI). The teacher would provide intervention, monitor data, and manage/monitor student RtI. The teacher would provide in-depth one-on-one and small group support for students achieving below and far below basic on grade level ELA and Math standards.

The goal is to reduce and prevent the over-identification of our most at risk minority students.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Organizes systems/procedures and manages student study teams to ensure all students are fully engaged in learning
• Establishes a culture of high expectations that includes college preparation for all students
• Develops and implements lesson plans and classroom activities consistent with Arizona State Standards.
• Assesses students frequently, examines student assessment data, and refines intervention activities to address individual student needs
• Collaborates with school team members to improve own and others’ instructional practices especially in literacy development; shares best practices
• Actively participates in professional development activities, including: training sessions and working with lead teacher, principal, instructional coaches; designs and leads professional development in literacy development.
• Provides classroom teachers, students and parents/guardians with regular and timely information on student progress; finds ways to involve parents/guardians in their students’ education
• Tracks critical student information and maintains accurate student records, including attendance.
• Analyze qualitative and quantitative student data; reflect and improve; collaborate with colleagues, parents and community in Professional Learning Community.
• Other related duties assigned by the supervisor.
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