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Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager
Dishchii'bikoh Community School, Cibecue, Arizona
The ideal candidate for this role should possess a high work ethic, excellent communication skills, knowledge of labor regulations and HR practices, strategic thinking abilities, strong organizational skills, and excellent interpersonal skills. The exceptional HR Manager should improve HR processes, implement strategies that support organizational growth, improve morale and employee retention, enhance safety and wellness, strengthen relations between staff and employers, manage job satisfaction, attract the best recruits, and promote the organization's values.

HR Manager Responsibilities:

These responsibilities involve achieving the following tasks:

• Implementing compensation program according to Employee Policy Handbook
• Creating and revising job descriptions
• Conducting annual salary surveys
• Developing, analyzing, and updating the employees’ evaluation program
• Developing, revising, and recommending personnel policies and procedures based on the current Labor Laws.
• Ensures compliance with all federal, state, and local employment laws.
• Maintaining and revising the company’s handbook on policies and procedures as recommended by school administrators
• Performing benefits administration such as health insurance, and retirement plan
• Overseeing recruitment efforts for all personnel, including writing, and placing job ads
• Works with supervisors to screen and interview candidates; conducts reference checking; extends job offers; conducts new-employee orientations; monitors career-path program and employee relations counseling; conducts exit interviews.
• Maintaining personnel records and reports
• Maintaining company directory and other organizational charts
• Developing programs for employee relations, welfare, and wellness.

Full Time Position
Medical, Dental, Paid Vacation Leave and PTO, Retirement Plan.
Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management, Business Administration, Industrial Psychology, and other related field. Excellent communication skills. Highly organized. Superior interpersonal skills. Detail oriented. Good problem-solving skills. Strong people skills. Knowledge of labor laws and regulations. Computer literacy.
Salary Range: $52,000-$67,000 (Based on education and experience)
Contact Presdena Cheney
Phone: (928) 332-2444
Fax: (928) 332-2341
PO Box 80068, Cibecue, AZ 85911