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High School/Junior High Music Teacher for SY 2023-2024

High School/Junior High Music Teacher for SY 2023-2024
Dishchii΄bikoh Community School, Cibecue, Arizona
Under the supervision of the Building Principal is responsible for teaching music education to students in grades 7th -12th, and assists the staff of the school in the improvement and appreciation of music instruction. Helps students grow in their enjoyment, appreciation, and performance of music through a variety of planned music experiences which include singing, moving to music, playing of instruments and listening and performs other duties directly related to this job description.

Teaches skills in music understanding/appreciation, harmony, explorations in music and choral music to elementary pupils.
Plans/executes a balanced music program and organizes class time so that preparation, rehearsal and instruction can be accomplished within the allotted time.
Provides individual and small group instruction in order to adapt the music curriculum to the needs of each pupil. Encourages students to develop individual musical skills to the greatest extent possible.
Utilizes repertoire of all types of music literature, including traditional and contemporary that are appropriate for the ages and skill levels of pupils.
Maintains care/responsibility for school-owned music, musical instruments and equipment to prevent loss or abuse. Makes minor adjustments and requests repairs to instruments as required.
Evaluates each pupil’s musical growth, performance, and musical understanding. Assesses each individual’s contribution to the performance of the group.
Additional Related Duties/Responsibilities:
Selects appropriate music, books and instructional aides to enhance learning and requisitions musical instruments and instructional supplies as necessary.
Cooperation with Building Principal and staff in providing musical programs for school assemblies, open house, parent meetings and seasonal programs.
Other related duties assigned by the supervisor.

Reports to: Principal
Holds an appropriate Arizona Teaching Credential (Music Education) or valid emergency certification issued by the Arizona Department of Education
Contact Faith Bonito
Phone: (928) 332-2444
Fax: (928) 332-2341
PO Box 80068, Cibecue, AZ 85911