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Welcome Back Students!

What a short break... It is great to students returning to campus for another wonderful year.   Go Wildcats!
Over the summer, we implemented an program call Leader in Me.. to support students and staff in this new school year.  I hope that you are able to discover yourself and begin to see yourself in a whole new light.  I am grateful to see that you ready to take on the challenges this school year has in-stored.  To the Class of 2022, I wish you the best in whatever you planned for this Fall Semester.  As for all you Wildcats returning to campus, it must be bittersweet after a rough summer break, but I know you are glad to be back. 
I encourage everyone one to make our school a safe place by continuing to wearing your mask properly, looking out for one another, and most importantly, RESPECTING yourself, your peers, teachers, and staff.  
Let us all have the "end in mind" by working toward what we want to see, hear, and feel in our school.  Let's have a clear vision and purpose for our coming school year, and work at seeing in through.  As you begin to act on your desired outcomes, I am so eager to see, hear, and feel our Wildcat spirit come to life.